How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

One of the easiest and enjoyable pieces to write is the compare and contrast essay. It is worth to note that a student in college will get many essays of this type so it’s important to be conversant.

Steps to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Often, students confuse between an argumentative essay and a compare and contrast essay. An argumentative essay is a paper where an argument for essay writing or against a particular topic becomes made. However, a compare and contrast essay is a similarity and difference article about two issues, themes, articles or ideas. Therefore, there needs to be two concepts you are comparing in this type of paper. Below is a step to step procedure of how to write a good compare and contrast essay without putting in much effort

Understand the Topic

It is challenging and close to impossible to write a compare and contrast paper without grasping the content of the two issues or ideas. As a result, the first step of writing this paper is understanding the two topics you become provided with independently. Here, if your question focuses on male and female, you need to separately understand the male creature before you start understanding the female being or vice versa. While doing this, you should have a notebook where you can briefly list any unique features or points that you discover as you continue exploring.

H2: Give The Similarities

Once you are done with exploring, the next step is reviewing your brief list introduced in the previous section. There are two purposes of reviewing this list. The first one is getting to realize the similarities between your two elements. In our example, a common phenomenon can include the equal number of legs, hands, among other similarities. Out of every similarity pointed out, clear evidence needs to accompany it to convince the reader that indeed, these two elements compare. The best way of doing this is having each similarity explained in a distinct paragraph of about 150 to 200 words.

H2: Give the Differences

The first aim of reviewing the constructed list is to realise the similarities between the two elements. The second aim of this list is pointing out the differences between the given elements. The reason is that the essay is not only a comparison essay but a contrast essay. Therefore, after dealing with the similarities, one can proceed to tackle the differences. Similar to the case of the similarities, each differentiating point between the two elements needs to become handled in a separate paragraph. It is not a must to have the similarities at beginning of the essay and the differences at the ending of the essay. One can choose to start with the differences and end with the similarities. Conclusion

The easiest essay you will ever write as a student is the compare and contrast the essay as long as you have an understanding of the two concepts in question. The reason is that while writing a compare and contrast paper, you do not have to stress over issues such as page length. Influencing, this is the fact that there is always enough content as the article is two-phased.