Thesis index: the first step for a good thesis

The degree thesis index is not a tool to be underestimated. The smooth and clear realization of the thesis is assured only if the thesis index is well done. It is the second step to focus on, after having chosen the guiding theme of the degree thesis and having chosen the title.

Thesis index: your degree thesis starts right here!

As we have already said the index is the second important step after the choice of the thesis, therefore it must be thought and written at the beginning. It must reproduce exactly the content of the thesis, the subdivision into chapters, their title and subdivision into paragraphs.

The thesis index is a fundamental tool. It allows you to follow a logical thread and not lose yourself in the articulation of the thesis. Above all it allows you not to go off topic. Besides being a logical thread for the writer, it is also for those who read your work.

1. The thesis index is your best friend

Once the topic is decided, the index will help you sort out the ideas. Even if you still know little about the subject, create a draft of the index anyway. It will help you define the information to be retrieved and how to move around during searches. He will suggest you what to prioritize and what you can focus on later.

2. The index is the skeleton of your thesis

Without the skeleton, the bones, the human body cannot support its structure as your work cannot stand or evolve without a tense index that supports it. Create a solid foundation and articulate above, add paragraphs and create insights, but only when your skeleton is pretty solid. The risk is to fall into banality and lose credibility.

3. The index gives an order to your ideas.

Through the index the ideas are channeled along a single and rigorous thought and find a logical order that will serve to transmit your contents also to the outside.

4. The index can change during the writing of your thesis.

The draft of the index can be changed, enriched or even cut. This will happen and it is normal because the readings you will be making during the course on the subject will widen your knowledge of the same. When writing, almost certainly, you may need to expand the index, realizing that that famous first draft of the index is incomplete or inaccurate and that you will have to modify it.

5. The index does not take you off topic.

The index will trace the boundaries of the topic you are dealing with and will be your light throughout the articulation process. You will not go off topic because each paragraph will draw the boundaries of the content you are dealing with.

The thesis index also has another fundamental role. It allows the writer not to crash on the first page. We know that the main panic is that of not being able to write enough pages, so make a thesis. Don’t worry, that is the black monster that chases any student when he has to work out any manuscript. The thesis index will avoid this. However, it represents a writing input, so success is guaranteed. Obviously if the index is well done!

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